Honored BHP Alumni,


With the 75th Diamond Jubilee celebration approaching, the BHPAA board of directors has once again agreed to raise funds for a seminal project that will leave an enduring mark on the BHP.  Over the years, we’ve funded Haberman Hall, new drapes for the theatre, and the new lighting and sound systems for the 70th, and the expansion of the dining hall!  We’re so grateful to our illustrious alums for their wonderful contributions to all of these projects.


This year, we’ve committed to raising at least $75,000 to fund SIGNIFICANT needed multi-year upgrades to the theatre building itself.   The total cost of the project is nearly $150,000.


  • The siding had been patched and replaced to help it survive well beyond its reasonable life expectancy, and it’s time to replace it. 

  • Additionally, the project will include insulation for the entire building.  Currently the theatre has NONE and it costs a substantial sum each season to keep the theatre heated when the weather is still too cold and cooled when the weather gets as hot as Black Hills summers can get.  Installing insulation will save thousands in energy bills each season as well as inhibit the outside sounds that often disturb a play.   (We’ve all shouted over a rainstorm or two!)

  • HVAC will be extended to include the backstage areas and dressing rooms!  (Life changing!)


Please consider making a donation today to this important fundraising effort?  We’re looking for:


  • 1 “ANGEL” gift of 20,000 or greater.

  • 1 gift of 10,000. 

  • 5 gifts of $5000. 

  • 4 MORE gifts of $2500.  Our thanks to Mike & Marnie Gould for giving the first gift at this level!

  • 24 more gifts of $1000.00.  Thanks also to Jo Wohlenberg for jump starting this level.


And, of course, we’re looking for donations of $500, $250, $100, $50, $25 or what you think you can give.  We can accept pledges, installments or a lump sum.  All funds need to be collected by September 30, 2020.

Our wonderful theatre is truly a temple for the thousands of artists, artisans, and technicians who have created theatrical magic for almost 75 seasons.  Please help us enter the next 75 with a long overdue face lift for our wonderful theatre building.  Your contribution will help cement the legacy of the BHP.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.


Best regards,


Jeff Kingsbury


Black Hills Playhouse Alumni Association

Donate at the PayPal Link Above

Thank you to those who have donated so far!


Marnie & Michael Gould

Jo Wohlenberg

Jeff Kingsbury

Anna Marie Thatcher

Matt Nesmith

Mary Anne Nelson Loefke

Mark & Meredith Meersman

Valerie Light

Dale Melsness

Anonymous 1

Tom Jones

Daamen Krall

Richard Lippke (twice!)

Carissa Naasz

Thom & Sheryl Hill (twice!)

John Ryan

Jon & Patricia Knutson

Andrew & Darlyn Wolvin

Laurence & Mary Jo Johnson

James Ledbetter

Todd & Julie Brink

Judy Vidal & Brent Cogswell

Dr Reuben Bareis

Mary Burns-Klinger

Tim Case

Ryan Henderson

William Russell

Peg Murphy

Diane Kylander

Anonymous 2

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