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2018 - DINING HALL 2.0

The BHPAA has been at the forefront of fund raising for projects on the BHP campus.  The dining hall, built in 2011 was critical to efforts to “get back in the park.”  The dining hall has been stressed to its limit during the peak of the season, so the BHP needed more room!  Plus, when the new dining hall was finished, they had to utilize the equipment from the old kitchen as a cost saving measure.  The maintenance costs each summer made it more cost effective to replace this antiquated equipment. 


The BHPAA stepped up to do the heavy lifting for the fund-raising efforts.  Executive Director, Linda Anderson lined up the National Guard to donate the construction component.  And, due to the largess of BHP Alum Gene Fennell, the design for the addition of a covered porch was donated as well.  The BHPAA and BHP raised funds for the construction materials, updated equipment, and cafeteria style folding tables. 

Additionally, the FCC forced the BHP’s hand to replace wireless microphones.  The frequencies are being permanently retired and it will be illegal to use them after this summer.  The BHP needed 20 new mics! 

The original fund-raising goal was $70,000.  The amount donated so far is around ~$45,000 – THANK YOU!.  We are developing a plan to push past the goal this fall, stay tuned!  

Haberman Hall
Party Pieces
Grand Drape
Limelight Fund

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