Events & Reunions

2018 Extra Mile Awards

August 5, 2018

Billy Nagel Award

Recipient: Teddy McMahon


Warren M. Lee Scholarship

Recipient: Austin Vetter  


Bill Brady Award

Recipient: Leah Geis


Margaret Lee Award

Recipient: Jacquelyn Kiefner 


Bill Anderson Award

Recipients: Brandon Osero, Katryna Preston


Harriet Redden Award

Recipients: Cole Kennedy, Trey Mendlik


Perry and Lila Van Wie Award

Recipients: Kristal Georgopoulos, Andrew Guay 


Barbara Clement Award

Recipients: Joey Young, Dan Jaworski, Sarah Hamilton 


Bill and Carolyn McEnroe Award 

Recipients: Kat Kruetz, Mike Gault


Graham Thatcher Memorial

July 9, 2018

The first of a two-show series called “Memorial Cast Party starring Neil Graham Thatcher,” produced by Anna Marie Thatcher, his leading lady for 48 years, provided a fitting final act for a much-loved and admired teacher, writer, actor, friend, and self-described “happy guy.” The show played to a full house - a cast of about 175 people - who joined in the celebration in the Historic Theatre of the Performing Arts Center in Rapid City SD.  Full article.

Graham Memorial Event Video Link

(Coming Soon)


Hap Haberman Memorial

On May 27, 2018 exactly one week after the 100th anniversary of Hap Haberman’s birth (as Doc Lee would’ve insisted on phrasing it), well over 100 of family, friends, BHP alumni and new company members gathered at the wonderful Playhouse to memorialize our “Most HAP-py Fella” with a truly delightful 100th birthday celebration that Hap himself missed attending by only a few months.  The sweet warm memories of the event will surely last a lifetime.


2017 Extra Mile Awards

August 6, 2017

Billy Nagel Award

Recipients: Meghan Cameron, Josie Kasik


Warren M. Lee Scholarship

Recipients:  Alex Newcomb-Weiland, Jackson Whitaker


Bill Brady Award

Recipients: Lukas Ptacek, Terra Writz


Margaret Lee Award

Recipients:  John Utter, Rainie Jang


Bill Anderson Award

Recipients: Shelby Marsh, Sergey Vitlin


Harriet Redden Award

Recipients:  James Powers, AJ Lowery


Perry and Lila Van Wie Award

Recipients:  Jason Coppenbarger, Sarah Randall


Barbara Clement Award

Recipients:  Kristal Georgopolis, Xurui Wang, Kat Kreutz


Stephen Landon Award

Recipients:  Matthew Kauzlarich, Dayne Sundman


The Bill and Carolyn McEnroe Awards

Recipients: Christina Olson, Alex Meyer


70th Season Reunion - 2015

July 10-12, 2015

75 Attendees

$70,000 was raised before and during the reunion weekend for the Dennis Holub Limelight Fund to fund electrical and stage lighting upgrades.

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